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Affordable Full-Service Junk Removal & Cleanouts in Phoenix Area

Just point and we make your unwanted items, junk or trash disappear!

Junk Butlers is a Family owned, Full-Service junk removal and property cleanout business that is owned and operated by Phoenix Police Officer Ricky Newberry (623) 256-2272 with our main office in Peoria, Az.  Ricky offers a full-service junk removal, junk hauling and property cleanouts. Ricky and his team know the importance of giving each and every customer not only great and reliable on-time service but making sure every customer is given 110% satisfaction. We are your locally owned professionals and want to be the junk removal professionals that you call 1st.

We offer full-service cleanouts, junk removal, and junk hauling throughout the grater Phoenix Area.  Our fully licensed and insured professionals will treat you and your home and property with care and the respect you deserve. We offer free “no-surprise” estimates for every job and are glad to provide up-front pricing.  Our prices are nearly half the cost of all franchise junk removal companies, and we make sure all usable items go to families in need.

As a fully insured, full-service junk removal company, we take almost everything you need to get rid of. Best of all you won’t have to lift a finger. Our junk removal and cleanout crews handle everything – just point and we’ll hop to it. We even sweep up the area when we’re done.

We make cleanouts and disposal simpler than you ever thought possible. We are on-time, thorough, and responsible. We schedule junk removal, cleanouts, and pickups at a time that’s convenient for you, and we call 1 hr. ahead to confirm that you’re ready.

Have a question about our services? To get a free estimate, or if you have questions or special requests, just call our office at  (623)256-2272 or email junkbutlers@icloud.com. We look forward to serving you!

With our trash removal, you don’t have to worry about getting all that junk off your property. Give Junk Butlers a call to handle junk removal from your property at any time. We will schedule a time with you and arrive as promptly as we can. Our team will load the junk in our truck and trailer then take it away. You don’t need to worry about dealing with the junk yourself.

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But whether it’s a pile of yard debris or your old living room set, sometimes it all just needs to be hauled away – and that’s what Junk Butlers does best!

Get Started: Call or email for a simple, no-hassle estimate that’s quick and accurate – no hidden fees, guaranteed. You tell us what to take, we’ll load it up, and haul it away the same day.

Flexible Pickup: Decide when delivery is best for you – you don’t even have to be home! Just let us know where on your property you’d like the dumpster; we even accept photos to make sure placement is perfect.

Flat-Rate Pricing: If you’re planning a clean-out but don’t know exactly how much will make it to the dumpster, our flat-rate trailers are simple – pay only for what you use. Recycling and disposal cost up to the first 2 ton of debris are included in our service.

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